Student-Athlete Spotlight: Ryan Vande Linde (Men's Tennis)

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Ryan Vande Linde (Men's Tennis)

During NCAA Division III Week (April 7-13), UW-Eau Claire Athletics is posting spotlights from select Blugolds each day throughout the week. Today's post features Ryan Vande Linde, who competes in men's tennis.

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Name: Ryan J. Vande Linde

Hometown/High School: Eau Claire, Wis./Memorial

Year:  Senior

Sport: Tennis

Major: B.S. Kinesiology – Human Performance

Why did you choose to be a Division III student-athlete?

When I was deciding which college I wanted to attend, my first priority was finding the right fit for my professional and career paths. Playing tennis and having a rewarding experience was also a huge interest for me. I found the balance in excelling in both academics and athletics at UW-Eau Claire.  I am currently playing one-singles and one-doubles, co-captain of the team and will graduate with Distinction as Cum Laude, May 17, 2014.

What do you like most about competing in the WIAC

The level of the competition; even though only four UW-System schools compete in tennis, every team plays at a very high level that would be difficult to find elsewhere.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned from being a student-athlete?  

That while it takes hard work and discipline to have success in life, it's important to live in the moment and enjoy every second.

Who has been the most influential person in your athletic career?

My parents.

If you have been involved in community service projects, which project has been the most rewarding and why?

Involving elementary school children in physical activity is the most rewarding since they are the most fun to be around with. Seeing how much they enjoy being active is one of the greatest feelings I've ever had.

If you could meet any athlete, who would it be and what one question would you ask them?

Bill Laimbeer, one of the Detroit Pistons' "Bad Boys." You are being called one the most notorious players in the NBA and your reputation for physical play overshadowed your skills, if you could do it over, would you do anything differently? 

What is your greatest sports moment?

Making the NCAA tournament my freshman year, and defeating the number one doubles team from Gustavus Adolphus College this year.  The team we beat is ranked nationally.

What is/are your favorite TV shows?


What is/are your favorite foods?

Any kind of seafood  

If you could live any place in the world, where would it be? 

Waikiki, Hawaii

What does your "bucket list" include?  

Pursue a Ph.D. degree in Sports Psychology

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

The power to change people's heart to eliminate all forms of racism and everyone will be kind to one another

How would your teammates describe you?

An excellent leader who isn't scared to do what's right

Do you have any pre-game/pre-event rituals? If so, what are they?  


What is your dream job?  

Playing tennis for the national team of the Philippines