2009-10 UW-Eau Claire Women's Tennis
Univ. of Minn. Club vs UW-Eau Claire (Apr 09, 2010)

UW-Eau Claire 0, Univ. of Minn. Club 0 [Suspended]
Apr 09, 2010 at Eau Claire, WI (YMCA Tennis Center)

Singles competition
1. No player (UMC) def. Megan Born (UWEC) 6-3
2. Erin Welch (UWEC) def. No player (UMC) 6-4
3. No player (UMC) def. Taylor Heltne (UWEC) 6-1
4. Emily Knudson (UWEC) def. No player (UMC) 6-2
5. Emily Hiebl (UWEC) def. No player (UMC) 6-4
6. Alyssa VanderSchaaf (UWEC) def. No player (UMC) 6-0

Doubles competition
1. Gina Dahl/Courtney Lynne (UWEC) def. No player/No player (UMC) 6-4
2. Gretchen Bachmeier/Michelle Reinders (UWEC) def. No player/No player (UMC) 6-2
3. Alyssa VanderSchaaf/Jenna Roark (UWEC) def. No player/No player (UMC) 6-4

Match Notes
Contest played in exhibition...Minnesota rotated players in and out of lineup,
which is why Eau Claire opponents are listed as No Player

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