Date Opponent/Event Result Time/Status Links Notes
Sat. 6 Alumni/Open NTS Final
Sat. 20 at St. Olaf Invitational 4th of 16 Final
Fri. 3 Blugold Invitational 5th of 24 Final
Sat. 18 at UW-Oshkosh AAE Invitational 20th of 42 Final
Fri. 24 UW-Eau Claire “City Wells” Invitational NTS Final
Sat. 1 at WIAC Championship 3rd of 9 Final
Fri. 7 at JV Cup 1st of 2 Final Luther College
Sat. 15 at NCAA Regional 5th of 41 Final
Sat. 22 at NCAA Championship 17th of 32 Final
Sat. 5 UWEC Alumni Open 10:00am CST
Sat. 19 at St. Olaf Invitational 3rd 10:00 am CST
Fri. 2 UW-Eau Claire Blugold Invite 3rd 4:15pm CST
Sat. 17 at UW-Oshkosh AAE Invitational 10:30am CST
Fri. 23 UW-Eau Claire "City Wells" Invite 4:00pm CST
Sat. 31 at WIAC Conference Championship- UW-Oshkosh 3rd 12:00pm CST
Fri. 6 at Luther JV Cup 2nd 3:30pm CST
Sat. 14 at NCAA Regional Meet - Augustana College 5th Final
Sat. 21 at NCAA National Meet - UW-Oshkosh 11:00am CST
Sat. 10 UWEC Alumni Open 10:00AM CST
Sat. 17 at St. Olaf Invitational 10:00AM CST
Fri. 30 UW-Eau Claire Blugold Invite 4:15PM CST
Sat. 15 at UW-Oshkosh AAE Invitational 10:30AM CST
Fri. 21 UW-Eau Claire "City Wells" Invite 4:00PM CST
Sat. 29 at WIAC Conference Championship- UW-Stevens Point 1:00PM CST
Fri. 4 at Luther JV Cup 3:30PM
Sat. 12 at NCAA Regional Meet- UW-Oshkosh 12:00PM CST
Sat. 19 at NCAA National Meet- E.P. Tom Sawyer Park 12:00PM CST
Bold: Home event