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Swim Strokes Development Camp

June 18 - 22 | Ages 8 - 15

Sun. 1 - 5 p.m. | Mon. – Wed. 8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. | Thurs. 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Being able to perform each of the four strokes — fly, back, breast and free — is a prerequisite for this camp. Our experienced staff will help you further develop each stroke and improve your technique.  Digital footage will be available to the swimmers which will aid in the process of stroke correction and development.

$450 | overnight
$350 | commuter, lunch and dinner included

Swimming Lessons

Monday and Wednesday
Session 1 (March 27 – April 12) – 6 Lessons
Session 2 (April 17 – May 3) – 6 Lessons

Tuesday and Thursday
Session 1 (March 28 – April 13) – 6 Lessons
Session 2 (April 18 – May 4) – 6 Lessons


Level Information

1 M/W Adult Lessons - 6-6:50PM | $45

Adult Lessons Tailored to each swimmer's individual needs. From beginners to Master Swimmers, to those just looking to getting in shape, we can create a program specifically for you. Adult lessons will most likely be one-on-one or two-on-one students to instructors.

1 M/W Competitive Skills - 6-6:50PM | $45

Competitive Skills This is for those swimmers who are ready to join a competitive swim team and want to refine skills, and learn new skills necessary for competitive swimming. It is also for those who already have competitive swimming experience and are looking to improve and refine their strokes, turns and starts with the help of experienced college swimmers. This level can be refine for each swimmer's personal goals and needs. It is encouraged to sign up both for Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/ Thursday classes.

1 M/W Parent/Tot - 5:30-5:55PM | $45

Parent Child Lessons Orientating children and their parents to the water. Skills to be taught: -Comfort in the water -Water entry -Bubble blowing -Floating on front and back

1 M/W Sea Horses - 6-6:50PM | $45

Sea Horses Recommended Skills to know: Knowledge of all the skills from star fish level. Skills to be taught: -25 yards of front crawl -25 yards of back crawl -Whip kick front and back -Introduction to breaststroke -15 yards elementary backstroke -Dolphin kick -Open turns -Treading water -Diving

1 M/W Sea Turtle - 5-5:25PM | $45

Sea Turtles For swimmers with little or no experience. Skills to be taught: -Comfort in the water -Blowing bubbles -Arm Movement for swimming on front and back -Kicking with support -Floating front and back -Bobs

1 M/W Sharks - 6-6:50PM | $45

Sharks Recommended Skills: Knowledge of all Sea Horse skills Skills to be taught: -50 yards of front crawl -50 yards of back crawl -25 yards breaststroke -25 yards elementary backstroke -Flip turns -Treading water at least 1 minute -15 yards butterfly -Sidestroke

Contact: Annie Ryder | | (715) 836-4422